Adventure routes

You've got plenty of adventures ​to choose from!​

Naturlandet has 19 family-friendly adventure routes for you. They are between 18 and 49 kilometres long (11 and 30 miles), and they will bring you close to nature as well as to the cultures of Lolland and Falster.

Each adventure route has a theme. For example you can venture into the Land of the Sea Eagles, search for the Wild Horses or explore ancient monuments on the Prehistory Route. 

Follow the routes physically or digitally

The routes mentioned above, like all the others, have their own leaflets. In the leaflets, you can find: Cycling routes
beautiful pictures, information about the most important attractions and areas, practical information and much more.

You can get your leaflet in English, German, or Danish for 15 DKK (2,22 USD; 1,79 GBP) at one of the tourist offices across Lolland-Falster. If you don't want to go down to the tourist office, then you can download the pdf files free-of-charge on the relevant description page above.

Each of the routes is signposted with a blue sign containing a symbol, which is inspired by the specific route.