National cycle routes

There are 11 national cycling routes connecting Denmark, and we in Naturlandet Lolland-Falster are proud to be a part of 3 of them.

3 fun (inter)national routes

All three of the national bicycle routes in Naturlandet give you plenty of opportunities to experience our beautiful natural scenery and much, much more. You can find information regarding accommodation, shopping and attractions in each route description here in the Naturlandet app!

Two of the national bicycle routes are part of significant international bicycle routes; N9 is part of the 'Copenhagen-Berlin' route and N8 is part of 'The Baltic Sea Route'.

National bicycle route 8 crosses over Naturlandet from Tårs Havn in westernmost Lolland to Stubbekøbing Havn in north-easternmost Falster. The 168 km route takes you through the most lovely and interesting areas of Naturlandet Lolland-Falster. The entire stretch of route N8 in Naturlandet is also part of the international EuroVelo 10 route; 'The Baltic Sea Route' - this will be very obvious to you on many of the signs!

National bicycle route 9 goes from Helsingør to Gedser, and it enters Naturlandet with the ferry connection to Stubbekøbing from Bogø. N9 is part of the Copenhagen-Berlin bicycle route and is also part of the international EuroVelo 7 route.  

National bicycle route 7 goes from Zealand Point (Sjællands-Odde) to Rødbyhavn, where it enters Naturlandet over the Storstrøm Bridge.

All of the Danish national bicycle routes are signposted with blue bicycle signs with a white route number on a red background.