Nature's Pantry

Nature's Pantry is for those who want to experience what nature has to offer in terms of food

Bowl with red and yellow apples and a glass of honey standing next to the bowl
Bowl with apples

Nature's treasure trove

In Sønderborg and Schleswig-Flensburg you can join a guided tour with local experts, visit an open garden or walk along one of the recommended trails or areas where you can taste nature's treasure trove of edible plants. You can learn about wild plants, herbs, vegetables, fruits and everything good from the sea.

In many places you can pick mushrooms, stay overnight in permaculture gardens or in the wild, and it is often possible to book a time for a guided tour or an overnight stay. On Lolland-Falster, you can also make use of the many recreational offers in the Naturlandets app.


Pile of handpicked mushrooms lying in the grass
Handpicked mushrooms from nature