N9 Copenhagen - Berlin

National Cycle Route 9 goes from Stubbekøbing on North Falster to Gedser - the southermost point of Falster and Denmark - close to the forest and beach and interesting experiences on the way. It is 64 km across the island.

South through Falster

From Stubbekøbing, the tour heads south following Falster's east coast and the large forests along the water. After Ulslev, follow the route to Idestrup and other charming little towns to Nykøbing, which is Falster's largest town and a lively commercial centre with many dining and accommodation options.

From Nykøbing, head south again along the Guldborg Sund strait, which is the body of water separating the islands of Lolland and Falster.

In the southern part of Falster the route passes several lovely areas, such as the shelter and tent site at Bruserup beach on the shores of Guldborg Sund, Skelby Church, and Bøtø Nor pumping station - which keeps the area drained.

The route continues through small towns until you reach the southernmost point in Scandinavia at Gedser, with many attractions. At Gedser there is a ferry passage to Germany.