Along the Fjord

The Along the Fjord bicycle route is a fantastic way to experience the beautiful Nature Park Nakskov Fjord from the land side. The route is also suitable for hikers. 

Route description

The park is part of the Danish Nature Parks and has attained this seal of approval due to its unique nature values, diverse plant and animal species, interesting cultural environment as well as many good opportunities for outdoor activities on land and in the water. The tour starts and ends at Axeltorv - the square in the Nakskov town centre. Here you will find many shopping facilities, accommodation and places to eat.

The path from Nakskov to the halfway point ’Albuen’ has a fine gravel surface and runs along the dyke, with no car traffic. The views of Nakskov Fjord are formidable.

Along the way, is the charming harbour town of Langø. From the harbour, there is a fantastic view of Enehøje - the largest island in Nature Park Nakskov Fjord. From here, you can take a trip with the Post Boat. At Langø there are several private places offering accommodation and there is a shelter and camping ground.

At Albuen there is a lovely campground with a kiosk and a good place to swim. There is an interesting walk along the length of the distinctive isthmus.

From Albuen, the tour goes back to Nakskov down small windy country roads. The route takes you past a beautiful flower garden, a historical listed post mill, two churches and a small shop where you can buy refreshments.

Along the way, there are many small cosy places where you can stop and rest.
Remember your bathing suit if the weather is fine.

​Practical information

The bicycle route is signposted with blue signs - you just need to follow the windmill symbols: ”vindmøllerne”.

Along the bicycle route, you will also encounter signs with symbols and numbers from other routes; the Danish national cycle route 8, also known as the Baltic Sea Route, The Monk Road (89) and Naturlandet Rundt (N).

We recommend following the route in the direction that follows the numbers on the map. The entire length of the bicycle route is signposted in this direction.

Food and refreshments can be purchased along the route; for example from Albuen Camping and the grocer at Vestenskov.

Public transport

The bicycle route starts close to Nakskov Station. You can get to the station with a bus or by train, which can also carry your bicycle. Bus and train schedules can be found at Rejseplanen.

Experiences and attractions

  1. The Ship and Maritime Museum of Nakskov: The museum focusses on the local area and especially Nakskov Harbour. At the museum you can learn interesting facts about ships, shipbuilding, shipping and what it was like working in the ship industry in the past.
  2. The Post Boat: A trip on the Post Boat gives you a unique opportunity to experience Nature Park Nakskov Fjord from the water. The sailing trip takes you through protected waters to the islands of Slotø, Vejlø, Enehøje and to Albuen. Booking of seats through the Nakskov Tourist Office is recommended.
  3. Langø: A small cosy harbour town on the shore of Nakskov Fjord. There is a fantastic view of the fjord from the harbour where you can see Enehøje island. Langø has shelters, a campground and private B&Bs.
  4. The Nature Area Albuen: A 7.5 km-long isthmus on the outermost part of Nakskov Fjord, which separates the fjord from the waters of Langelandsbælt. The area is very special with fantastic nature and cultural history with evidence of 600 years of human activity in this isolated area. You can walk all the way out to the point or take the Post Boat from Nakskov or Langø.
  5. Peter Hansen’s Garden: Beautiful botanical garden and nursery. The garden itself measures 55,000 square metres. The garden features one of northern Europe’s largest private plant collections. Tables and benches are available for enjoying your packed lunch. Closed Mondays.
  6. Kappel Post Mill: Post mills are the oldest kind of windmill in Denmark, and there are only 18 remaining. Kappel Post Mill was built around the year 1730 and was a working mill for approximately 200 years, until it was listed in 1958. The mill is a good place to find shelter from the wind and rain and for enjoying a picnic.
  7. Nakskov Inner Fjord: The inner fjord is separated from Nakskov Fjord with a lock at Nybro. The water in the inner fjord is therefore fresh water, which, among other things, makes it a good place to fish. At the newly established activity area you will find a playground, picnic hut and information boards