The Nordic Grape

The bicycle route ”The Nordic Grape” takes you through scenic landscapes in the northern part of Nature Park Nakskov Fjord - which has Denmark’s mildest climate; perfect for a bicycle tour! 

Route description

The nature park is one of the Danish Nature Parks and has attained this seal of approval due to its unique nature values, diverse plant and animal species, interesting cultural environment as well as many good opportunities for outdoor activities on land and in the water.

The tour starts and ends at Axeltorv - the square in the Nakskov town centre. Here you will find shopping facilities, accommodation and places to eat. From Nakskov, the route follows the harbour and Nakskov Fjord, then heads north through Sandby to Frederiksdal Gods - an estate internationally recognised for its cherry wine. The estate has a farm shop, castle grounds and beautiful scenery with walking trails.

The halfway point of the bike route is the cosy harbour town of Onsevig - an old fishing village with an overnight shelter area, camping area, restaurant, private B&B, as well as a museum with exhibits about the history of the harbour and the village. 

The return tour to Nakskov passes through several small villages with beautiful churches; usually with a picnic bench and toilet - check the map! Naturlandet also recommends visiting the southern part of Nature Park Nakskov Fjord, with the bicycle route Along the Fjord.

​Practical information

The bicycle route is signposted with blue signs - you just need to follow the cherry symbols: ”kirsebærrene”.

Along the bicycle route, you will also encounter signs with symbols and numbers from other routes; the Danish national bicycle route, the Danish national cycle route 8 - The Baltic Sea Route, The Monk Road (89) and Naturlandet Rundt (N).

We recommend following the route in the direction that follows the numbers on the map. The entire length of the bicycle route is signposted in this direction.

Food and refreshments can be purchased along the route; for example from the grocery store in Skovbølle and the restaurant ”Den Fuldkomne Fisker”.

Public transport

The bicycle route starts close to Nakskov Station. You can get to the station with a bus or by train, which can also carry your bicycle. Naturlandet recommends Rejseplanen for bus and train schedules.

Experiences and attractions

  1. The Ship and Maritime Museum of Nakskov: The museum focusses on the local area and especially Nakskov Harbour. At the museum you can learn interesting facts about ships, shipbuilding, shipping and what it was like working in the ship industry in the past.
  2. The Post Boat: A trip on the Post Boat gives you a unique opportunity to experience Nature Park Nakskov Fjord from the water. The sailing trip takes you through protected waters to the islands of Slotø, Vejlø, Enehøje and to Albuen. Booking of seats through the Nakskov Tourist Office is recommended.
  3. Hestehovedet: A fantastic recreational area where you will find a campground, kiosk, restaurant and beach.
  4. Frederiksdal Estate: Frederiksdal Estate is world-famous for its cherry wine. Their cherry wine was the first in the world to be produced following the same principles as normal grape-wine production. The wine can of course be purchased in their farm shop. Their production of cherry wine has led to Frederiksdal Estate becoming Denmark’s largest winery.
  5. Købelevhaven: Beautiful botanical garden, which particularly bears the mark of Asian garden art. Enjoy your lunch in the garden or buy refreshments in the café.
  6. Onsevig Harbour: Lovely little harbour which is definitely worth a visit. Read about the harbour and the history of the village in the small museum by the harbour in an old net shed - free entry. Park your bike, stretch your legs, enjoy your packed lunch and experience the idyllic atmosphere.
  7. Richard Winter’s House: The artist Richard Winter was born on Lolland. In 1993, he bought the former aged residence, which he used as his house, studio and for his comprehensive collection of objects. Richard Winter lived in the house until his death in 2007. Today, the house is a museum exhibiting many of Winter’s wonderful works of art.
  8. Vindeby Mill: Several mills have stood on this location through the ages, all of which were post mills. The previous mill burnt down in 1825 and the new was then built in Dutch style. Check their website to see opening hours.

Gpx file

Download the gpx file for the route - The Nordic Grape. The file contains the route's GPS data, and can be used to transfer the route to your Garmin watch and other apps. Remember you can find the route digitally in the Naturlandet Lolland-Falster app without needing the gpx file.