Welcome to a journey of discovery of regional specialties and culinary art on the gourmet route

Beautiful gourmet decor in green and white shades on plate
Beautiful gourmet decor

Food culture with love for craftsmanship

The gourmet route is developed the association "FEINHEIMISCH - Genuss aus Schleswig-Holstein". It takes you to regional specialties and to a selection of very special restaurants in Schleswig-Holstein and Southern Denmark. Experience a new food culture with a love of craftsmanship, a sense of sustainability and always with typical local products.

Our chefs bring the taste of the region to your plate: freshly caught crabs, mussels and fish, tender meat from special cattle breeds or dike lamb, ham from old smokehouses, handmade cheese specialties, vegetables and fruit, but also seaweed or white tiger prawns, different types of craft beer or gin - the selection of good shopping and "culinary holiday memories to take home" is almost limitless.


Chef at Hotel Waldschloesschen prepares gourmet dinner plate
Chef prepares dinner plate