Maribo Lakes Nature Park

The Maribo Lakes Nature Park consists of 4 lakes called Søndersø, Røgbølle Sø, Hejrede Sø, and Nørresø – and the surrounding area. Get excited if you’re a bird and nature enthusiast, because Maribo Lakes is going to be an amazing experience for you as a visitor!


Experience the varying landscapes

The area surrounding the lakes is quite hilly, reaching heights of more than 20 metres (65 feet). This is because the area is the product of the last Ice Age: As giant blocks of ice melted, they formed hollows. 

Large wooded areas, marsh areas, and cultivated fields encircle the lakes. Near the lakes, you can also find the manors of Søholt, Ulriksdal, and Engestofte. With their great wooded areas, meadows, and plough lands, these manors have impacted the Maribo Lakes Nature Park, and helped create a diverse mosaic of lakes, woods, meadows, marshes, and agricultural lands, which can be seen today.  

Enjoy the fascinating nature and culture

There is a myriad of opportunities for activities in Maribo Lakes Nature Park. You can sail with the tour boat Anemonen or experience nature by bike or on foot along the many trails around the lakes. Tables and benches make it easy to enjoy a picnic lunch overlooking the lake and there is a beach area with kiosk and toilet facilities close to Maribo Lake Camping.

The nature park has an interesting cultural history dating far back in time. There are remnants of Old Stone Age settlements by the lakes. Bronze Age burial mounds are widespread in the area, and traces of medieval fortifications can be seen in several locations, but mainly on the island Borgø. You can also enjoy the view of the majestic manors surrounding the lakes.