Culinary tour in the border region

Discover the four new danish-german food routes

Colourful starter on ceramic plate
Plate with colourful starter

Four inspiring food routes

Idyllic landscapes with lakes and rivers, two seas, manor houses and quaint little villages - discover a region with a shared cultural history and a unique culinary diversity.

We have developed four inspiring themed routes that take you to the region's culinary treasures, exciting producers and passionate restaurateurs from the Danish island of Als to Schleswig-Holstein and the islands of Lolland and Falster.


Dark ceramic plate with colourful green starter
Plate with beautifully arranged starter

Naturlandets app

With Naturlandets app you have access to an abundance of recreational offers and nature experiences on Lolland, whether in the woods, at the coast, on the water, by bike or from horseback. You can also book accommodation via the app and experience nature up close.

Download the Natureland app from the App Store or Google Play and access it all there!


Naturlandet and TOUR-BO have agreed in patnership to promote the Danish-German food routes in the Naturlandet app.

This project is funded by The European Fund for Regional Development.