Sleep under the starry sky

Sleep outdoors in nature! In Naturlandet we have almost 60 shelter and tent sites you can choose from. All of them can be booked ahead of time when you plan your vacation, visit Book en Shelter or our app to read more.

Experience beautiful nature in comfortable surroundings

On these pages you can read more about our shelter concept, and our focus on establishing high-quality facilities together with our partners.

Primitive accommodation doesn't mean fighting for survival in the wilderness, but means focusing on the nature experience. However, this doesn't mean letting go of all comforts; in Naturlandet we make sure there's a nearby toilet and drinking water available nearby, so you can relax and enjoy the starry skies above.

We welcome people and families of all shapes and ages - some of our shelters even have playgrounds attached! Have a look at the overview and see how many different shelters there are to choose from. You can choose to stay in tiny little villages or on lively camping grounds with swimming pools and vacation activities - and everything in between. Shelters are for everyone!