Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast travels between the Baltic Sea and the tranquil waters of Guldborg Sound. The route is 38 km long and crosses Falster.

Route description

The tour starts at the Marielyst town square. Between Marielyst and Væggerløse, you can stop by the Stovby Glassworks and also see Stouby Mill.

You will need to climb one hill, at Væggerløse - a rare find here on flat South Falster! The reward is a really beautiful view of Guldborg Sund strait.

The tour then passes through idyllic Hasselø and along the strait up to the area’s largest town - Nykøbing Falster, which is the route’s halfway mark. The town has many options for having a rest and some refreshments.

On the way back, follow a tranquil path past the Ravnstrup Forest and some lovely meadows up to the forest.

The rest of the route follows Østersøvej, through the village of Idestrup, where you will find a grocery store, then on to Ulslev Strand. This is a lovely beach with an activity area nearby. Refreshments can be bought at the campground, which you will also pass.

The tour continues, along the Baltic Sea, through the summerhouse areas Elkenøre and Sildestrup and back to Marielyst.

​Practical information

The bicycle route is signposted with blue signs - you just need to follow the panorama route 418.

Other bicycle routes you may encounter on the way are Bicycle Fun (417), Sundruten (apples), Forest Adventures (420), Naturlandet Rundt (N), and the Danish national cycle routes The Baltic Sea Route (8) and Copenhagen-Berlin (9).

We recommend following the route in the direction that follows the numbers on the map. The bicycle route is signposted in this direction. You will also come across a sign every time the route turns. If there isn’t a sign, then just follow the road.

Food and refreshments can be purchased in Marielyst, Væggerløse, Nykøbing F. and Idestrup. 

Public transport

The bicycle route starts at Marielyst town square. You can get to Marielyst with a bus, which can also carry your bicycle. Naturlandet recommends Rejseplanen for bus and train schedules.

Experiences and attractions

  1. Stovby Glassworks: Active workshop and shop. Watch the glassblower at work.
  2. Stouby Mill: Fully functioning, listed post mill. Go to for opening hours and activities.
  3. Væggerløse Hill: The village of Væggerløse lies on a hill with lovely views of South Falster and Guldborg Sund strait. There is a magnificent burial mound at the church, and the village has a supermarket and a small local brewery with sale of their products.
  4. Hasselø: Formerly a humble fishing village with small houses, bridges and harbours. The attractive coastal blocks are now filled with large, new houses.
  5. Hasselø nature trail and shelter area: Listed nature walking trail along the coast between Hasselø and Hasselø Plantation. At the northern end of the trail is Hasselø campground and shelter area, with lovely views of the sound. The trail is 2.5 km long.
  6. Nykøbing Falster: Cosy shopping town with plenty of dining choices, accommodation and cultural events.
  7. Guldborgsund ZOO: Zoo with petting animals and exotic animals. There is also a botanic garden.
  8. Idestrup: Lively village with a lovely church, grocery store and shelters near the sports area.
  9. Ulslev Beach: Nice swimming beach with an activity area, playground, picnic shelter and toilet. Close to it is a campground.
  10. Elkenøre og Sildestrup beaches: Tranquil swimming beaches along the summerhouse area.
  11. Marielyst: The largest summerhouse area in the district, with a fantastic beach, accommodation, grocery store, dining, entertainment and nature. 

Gpx file

Download the gpx file for the route - Coast to Coast. The file contains the route's GPS data, and can be used to transfer the route to your Garmin watch and other apps. Remember you can find the route digitally in the Naturlandet Lolland-Falster app without needing the gpx file.