A Haven for Birds

A Haven for Birds is a lovely 35 km bicycle route. The starting point is at the marina in Guldborg. 

Route description

The main highlights of the route are the two bird reserves: Kallø Grå and Majbølle Nor. You can even take your bicycle with you into Kallø Grå reserve but remember to dismount first! Both reserves have birdwatching towers from which you can look out over the beautiful landscape and all the birds.

Please note that the tour through Storskoven forest has no signs in the actual forest, there is only a Naturlandet sign at the entrance of Spurvestræde (street) in Soesmarke and at Kaløvej (street), check the map for details.

The route follows peaceful roads, many of which havebike paths. A particularly special experience is to ride around the Guldborgsund Tunnel and look down on the motorway, as well as lovely Guldborg Sound. Majbølle is a good place to take a break, there is a picnic bench at the village pond.

If you think the tour may be too long, you can complete the route over two days. Finish the first day by returning on the main road between Majbølle and Guldborg.

The second part of the route will then be from Guldborg to Majbølle, then continuing to Hjelm and the Guldborgsundtunnel to the Majbølle Nor reserve.

​Practical information

The bicycle route is signposted with blue signs - you just need to follow the birdwatching tower symbols:  ”fugletårnet”.

Other bicycle routes you may encounter on the way are Sundruten (apples), Around Sakskøbing (scissors), Naturlandet Rundt (N), and the Danish national bicycle route 7.

We recommend following the route in the direction that follows the numbers on the map. The bicycle route is signposted in this direction. You will also come across a sign every time the route turns. If there isn’t a sign, then just follow the road.

Food and refreshments can be purchased in Guldborg. 

Public transport

Cykelruten starter ved Guldborg Havn. Det er muligt at komme til og fra havnen med bus, hvor der kan medbringes cykler. For bus- og togtider henvises der til Rejseplanen.

Experiences and attractions

  1. Kallø Grå: Lolland-Falster’s most important site for ducks and waterbirds. The 30-hectare saltmarsh area is owned by the Aage V. Jensens Fonde foundation. The area is grazed by friendly cows and sheep.
  2. Rommes Nakke swimming beach/Tårs Skovby
    Tiny sandy beach with picnic bench and a small harbour.
  3. Fladet birdwatching tower: The Danish Nature Agency’s birdwatching tower, with views over the Fladet
    nature area. Important breeding ground for geese and ducks.
  4. Tårs village og church: Church from around 1230 constructed with large medieval bricks.
  5. Berritsgård: Manor from 1500s, the main house is one of the best-preserved Renaissance houses in Denmark. No public access.
  6. Majbølle: Village with church, hotel and mill. Village pond with picnic bench.
  7. Majbølle church: The church was once a pilgrim church with a holy spring, dedicated to St. Anne. The spring no longer exists. The church’s large south-facing chapel was dedicated to St. Anne.
  8. Majbølle mill: Well-restored Dutch windmill. The mill can be visited every Tuesday in the summer.
  9. Guldborgsundtunnellen: Immersed car tunnel, 460 m under the water, built in 1988. Look down at the motorway and remember to enjoy the lovely view of Guldborg Sund strait.
  10. Majbølle Nor bird reserve: Important roosting and wintering grounds for waterbirds. Majbølle Nor was dammed and cultivated in the past, but is now a natural saltmarsh. Views of the area from the birdwatching tower. Species often sighted
    include white-tailed sea eagle, common buzzard, common kestrel and
    peregrine falcon. Owned by the Danish Nature Agency.
  11. Guldborg town: Former ferry town. Has a campground, B&B, shelter area, grocery store, restaurants, marina and swimming beach.

Gpx file

Download the gpx file for the route - A Haven for Birds. The file contains the route's GPS data, and can be used to transfer the route to your Garmin watch and other apps. Remember you can find the route digitally in the Naturlandet Lolland-Falster app without needing the gpx file.