Nakskov Fjord Nature Park

​The Nature Park Nakskov Fjord covers the 8 kilometre long inlet called Indrefjorden as well as parts of western Lolland. This area can satisfy your love for wildlife, kayaking, as well as history!

Experience the beautiful nature of the fjord

Nakskov fjord has the greatest number of islands of any Danish fjord, with spectacular nature, a unique cultural environment and several national landmarks.

The main part of the fjord contains 10 small islands and the islets Enehøje, Vejlø, and Slotø. These islets are pieces of Danish history and offer unique nature adventures.

Experience the Nakskov Fjord Nature Park from the seaside with the historic Post boat that has been sailing with mail, supplies and passengers to the islands in the fjord since 1937. For more than 80 years, the mail boat has served as the fjord's connection to Lolland.

Hiking Albuen

Albuen is a 7,5 kilometre long spit at the outer end of the Nakskov inlet. At its narrowest point, it has a width of only 25 metres.

At Søndernor, when you’re at the inner side of the spit, you can experience the calm water of the inlet. When you’re at the outer side of the spit, you’ll hear and feel the roar of the waves of Langelandsbæltet. 

Albuen is a very special area with scenic nature and a cultural environment that bears witness to 600 years of human activity in this isolated place.

Only a few trees and shrubs grow here to provide shelter, so it may be a somewhat harsh experience to visit the place when it blows, but the light reflecting from the shallow fjord and the deep strait always offers something special.

Dive into history

North of Tårs lies Frederiksdal Manor surrounded by park and forest. The forest is open to the public, and there are several signposted hiking trails through the varied landscape.  Here and there in the forest are several lots of protected oak forest in between traditionally cultivated forests. Taste the locally produced cherry wine, and continue your adventure with the Nordic Grape route.

Follow the trail of the Greenland explorer Peter Freuchen - Enehøje is also known as Peter Freuchen’s island, as he lived on the island from 1926-40. There are many entertaining stories about his life on Enehøje. As a legacy of Peter Freuchen’s stay on the island, his summerhouse made of whale jawbones can be seen on the island’s highest point.