Around Sakskøbing

Around Sakskøbing is a lovely 17 km tour along the Sakskøbing Fjord and through vast manor estate countryside. The starting point is at Sakskøbing Harbour

Route description

The tour will take you through the countryside and among the estates of Oreby Manor, Berritsgård Manor and Krenkerup Manor. Along the way, you will also come across a couple of interesting churches. There is also the option of visiting an inn at Oreby and a brewery and a brew pub at Krenkerup Manor on the route.

Sakskøbing Fjord is a fascinating nature area with protected saltmarsh areas along the banks and a diverse bird population. Remember your bathing suit, you can swim from the pier at Oreby Harbour. This is a detour from the main route, but well worth a visit. It is a historical estate harbour with several well-preserved buildings, a mill, warehouses and an inn nearby.

Otherwise, the tour will take you overland, down minor roads and through small villages to Radsted. Here you can visit the lovely church and accommodation is available at Radstedhus.

The halfway mark of the route could be the brew pub at Krenkerup Manor but check the opening hours.

The lovely historical market town of Sakskøbing has a hotel, backpackers’ hostel and a campground. There are several places where you can purchase delicious local products - ranging from beer, wine and juice, to meat, vegetables and sweets. 

​Practical information

The bicycle route is signposted with blue signs - you just need to follow the scissor symbols: ”saksen”.

Other bicycle routes you may encounter on the way are A Haven for Birds (birdwatching tower) and the Danish national cycle routes 7 and The Baltic Sea Route (8).

We recommend following the route in the direction that follows the numbers on the map. The bicycle route is signposted in this direction. You will also come across a sign every time the route turns. If there isn’t a sign, then just follow the road.

Food and refreshments can be purchased in Sakskøbing.

Public transport

The bicycle route starts at Sakskøbing marina. You can get to the marina with a bus, which can also carry your bicycle. Naturlandet recommends Rejseplanen for bus and train schedules.

Experiences and attractions

  1. Sakskøbing Fjord: Beautiful 8 km-long fjord which ends at Sakskøbing Harbour. The fjord is an important nature area with lovely saltmarshes on both sides of the fjord and an abundance of birds.
  2. Oreby Harbour: Visit Oreby Harbour, with views of the fjord and a great place to swim. The whole area was once owned by Oreby Manor, with a mill and a harbour for exporting grain. The old main building, Orebygård, goes back to medieval times. There is no public access to Orebygård. Oreby Kro, on the other hand, is a popular restaurant. 1 km detour.
  3. Tårs Church: Church from around 1230 built from large medieval bricks.
  4. Radsted Church: Lovely church with a 56-metre tower with a copper spire. The church once belonged to Krenkerup Manor, with a chestnut tree avenue all the way from the manor to the church. In days gone by, it was said that Hell could be found 7 mil - that is about 11 km - under the church!
  5. Krenkerup Manor: The estate was established in the 1300s and the oldest parts of the current main buildings are from 1480. The same family has owned the estate for the past 600 years. There is no public access, but the building can be seen from the road.
  6. Krenkerup Manor Brewery and pub: A modern brewery and brew pub have been established in one of the estate’s farm buildings. Check for opening hours.
  7. Reersø Houses: A row of fine houses from the 1800s, built by Krenkerup Manor. The houses have been designated a so-called ’cultural community’, as they are an important part of the area’s history.
  8. Sakskøbing: Small market town with cosy town-life, marina and railway station. Several accommodation options, dining and shopping facilities

Gpx file

Download the gpx file for the route - Around Sakskøbing. The file contains the route's GPS data, and can be used to transfer the route to your Garmin watch and other apps. Remember you can find the route digitally in the Naturlandet Lolland-Falster app without needing the gpx file.