Naturlandet Rundt

The longest, most action-packed cycling route on Lolland-Falster! 400 km across the two islands with experiences for a life-time! 

Across Lolland-Falster with Naturlandet Rundt

  • If you’re someone who loves to spend several days cycling, the Naturlandet Rundt route is perfect for you, because:
  • It is 400 kilometres long (248 miles).
  • It puts you in direct contact with 19 local adventure routes on Lolland-Falster –unique tours of 18-49 kilometres (11-30 miles), which are all marked with signs and specially made for the adventurer, who wants to go off-beat.
  • It lets you experience wonderful coasts, beaches, green wooded areas, and pleasant villages.
  • It lets you see unique, historic market towns, which can provide you with lots of stories.
  • It brings you to 3 important nature areas: The Maribo Lakes Nature Park, the Nature Park Nakskov Fjord, and the Guldborgsund Nature Area.
  • It brings you to the nature areas Bøtø (on southern Falster) and Saksfjed-Hyllekrog (on southern Lolland). Here, you can meet wild horses.
  • You can get a glimpse of white-tailed sea eagles.

Experiences and accommodation along the way

Naturlandet has got you covered, whether you want to spend the night at a hotel, a Bed & Breakfast, a campsite, or a shelter. While you’re following the route, Naturlandet will bring you suggestions and show you:

  • where you can spend the night
  • exciting nearby attractions
  • nearby restaurants
  • nearby supermarkets

All accommodation options are divided into categories, and they all have their own icons/symbols, so you can easily find what you need –you can find all of this on the map in the app.