Primitive luxury

Everybody can enjoy a night outdoors! Even if you really don't want to go without your morning shower, or prefer being able to plug in your smartphone to charge at night. A lot of our shelter sites offer access to high-quality facilities, so you can comfortably enjoy nature on your own terms.

Charge your phone and electric bicycle

Even though the most important thing is the nature experience, smartphones are an important tool few people want to go exploring without nowadays. Keep your phone and power bank alive by plugging them in to charge at the shelters - about half our sites offer charging access for electrical appliances.

Extend your bicycle ride by investing in an electric bicycle. Few of us are able to cycle long distances consistently in our every day life, so when the vacation finally arrives, it's a pity to spend time being exhausted with sore legs. Get a bit of help from an electric bicycle, so you have plenty of energy left to enjoy yourself when you arrive. About 15 of our sites offer charging access for electric bicycles.

Use the filters here to see which shelters offer charging access.

Enjoy a shower

Shower facilities are available on 11 of our shelter and tent sites, and most places it's included in the fee you pay to spend the night. In some places you must pay a small additional fee to shower - this is primarily on the marinas - but you'll be able to read it in the site description on Book en Shelter.

These sites have shower facilities with cold water and primitive conditions: Bruserup Strand and Bursø Grusgrav.

These sites have shower facilities with hot water and locked off shower cabins: Blans Havn, Errindlev MejeriFemø shelter and teltplads, Gedser LystbådehavnHorslunde shelterplads, Ovstrup Spejdercenter, Sortsø Fritidshavn, Stubbekøbing Havn and Vester Kippinge.

Could you wish for more?

Well, then have a look at our list of facilities and find exactly what you're looking for. How about a kayak or swimming pier? Grill hut or lunch shelter? Or how about finding a place where you can visit a local restaurant or go shopping? The possibilities are infinite, go ahead and have a look!