Introducing our unique nature

Naturlandet Lolland-Falster has 3 large high-quality nature areas; The Maribo Lakes Nature Park, the Nakskov Fjord Nature Park and the Guldborgsund Nature Area.

Big experiences await you on Lolland-Falster

Each of these nature parks gives you unique adventures –whether you’re a land-person or a sea-person. Meet white-tailed sea eagles at the Maribo Lakes Nature Park, experience great bird migrations at the Nature Park Nakskov Fjord, or explore Guldborgsund by kayak.

There are 4 smaller nature areas, which give you unique nature adventures as well: Horreby Lyng, Hannenovskoven, Saksfjed-Hyllekrog as well as the islands Fejø, Femø and Askø which are located in the fairway called Smålandsfarvandet, north of Lolland.