Extra services

Primitive accommodation with extra comfort! Are you tired of dragging around timber to make your bonfire? In Naturlandet we prioritize comfort and service, and many of our partners offer extra services such as firewood sacks, breakfast directly in the shelter, or renting comforts such as mattrasses and grills. You book directly on Book en Shelter, and then our partners will deliver it on the day.

Say yes to firewood

Avoid dragging around your own timber, and select as many sacks of firewood as you need when you book.

Together with Sønderskovhjemmet our local partners offer firewood on 19 of our shelter sites. Some places it is freely available on site free-of-charge, but in most places you have to pay a bit to get it deliveried.

Sleep extra comfortably on mattrasses

Do you feel like the the Princess and the Pea when you sleep in a shelter? Is your sleeping mat just not good enough? Then visit one of the 5 shelter sites where you can rent mattresses: Errindlev MejeriFrejlev SkovGrænge BeboerhusVester Kippinge and Vålse Vig.

Sleep safely - and comfortably - in beautiful natural environments, and get an even better experience outdoors!

Breakfast in bed - or well, shelter

Here's the highest level of service - get breakfast delivered directly in the shelter! At Vester Kippinge and Frejlev Skov you can order breakfast in advance, and get freshly made Danish breakfast without the hassle of making it yourself. Enjoy fresh bread, pålæg, juice and a boiled egg - it only requires one additional click during the booking, then your breakfast will be ready for you!

Other services

Aside from the options mentioned above, you can also choose other services, such as rental grill or horse pen, a make-yourself lunchbox for the journey onwards, and many other interesting offers.Explore all the options on Book en Shelter and plan your perfect shelter vacation!