An ocean of opportunities! Being an angler on Lolland-Falster is fantastic. With so much sea surrounding the islands, there are so many angling options for you.

There are many fish in the sea - and lakes

Everyone can join! Whether you’re an angler who loves angling all-year round or a family that wants to enjoy nature and bring home some dinner.
Check out the Naturlandet app, and get an overview of all the great fishing spots on Lolland-Falster; you can go:

  • Inshore fishing; catch sea trout, garfish, flatfish, codfish, and mullets.
  • Put and take fishing; catch rainbow trout.
  • Freshwater fishing and pier fishing; catch pike, perch, tench, and roach.
  • Sea fishing; catch codfish and flatfish.

We can’t wait to share all the adventures with you!